Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Elf On The Shelf Days 5 and 6


Here is what that naught Tinker Pants Floppy Feet has been up too.

Day 5 - He was having a date night with Elsa

Day 6 - He had all the ponies ties up to pull his sled

I have no idea what he's going to get up to tonight!! He better be looking at google for some ideas haha

I am kind of glad now that the actual elf on the shelf didn't come. Seeing everyone with it. It looks kind of creepy. Like you would wake up in the middle of the night and its sitting at the bottom of your bed with a knife....

Speak soon

Saturday, 3 December 2016

EOTS Day 2,3,4 And Holly Christmas Fair 2016


Tinker Pants Floppy Feet has been up to some stuff these last few days!

Day 2 - He decided to waste and entire tub of cake sprinkles (much to my OHs dismay) and make 'Elf Angles' in the kitchen!

Day 3 - We come down stairs and hes hanging from the ceiling light! with ANNA. Now the question is, did he put Anna up there or was he trying to save her??

Day 4 - Tinker Pants is riding Pinkie Pie about the living room!! Don't think Pinkie will be very happy. She might just set her minions on him 'Ponies Revenge ;)'

December 3rd was also the school fair at Holly's school. All the classes including Holly's nursery class made different things for everyone to buy. I made melted snowmen cakes to take down.

The nursery class made Reindeer Dust, Snowman Soups and Santa's key to get into the house with. All 3 of the kids got there photo took with Santa (Santa insisted on holding baby c) and they were all spoilt with cakes sweets and goodies.

Poor baby c though got too hot in her snow suit and had a flair up of her rash. She also has another cold, and her dry skin round her joints has gotten worse. So I think it will be a trip to the docs with her. I would put manuka honey on her, but that's a bit sticky even for me haha.

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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Elf On A Shelf Day 1 and A Hobby Craft Christmas Advent Calendar 2016


IT is finally December 1st (because I haven't been waiting all year for this) and it can only mean one thing. MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW :) I will be the ripe old age of 28! Not like my other half who will be 30 next month!!

But December 1st also means ADVENT CALENDARS and ELF ON SHELF and CHRISTMAS!!!

I always said 'How can Christmas with kids be better!! What about my presents' (I'm an only child and was / still am pretty spoilt. I do appreciate it a lot more now though than I did) But Christmas with the kids is the BEST EVER!! Seeing their little faces on Christmas day and the count down!! Oh I love the count down!!

This year I got a Hobby craft advent calendar to make for her. While its a great idea, it took ages to freaking do! Now that I'm old, my back was killing me (How I will cope with wrapping all the presents this year I have no idea!) But Holly likes it.

Also found these playmobile advents!! So I got one for Harry and Holly. He can catch up with his at the weekends.

Now we also have ELF ON A SHELF! OK so he's not the actual Elf on a shelf. But it hasn't arrived yet. So Tinker Pants Floppy Feet is subbing for him till he arrives. Not sure Holly really understood what he was yet, But I'm sure she will get it when he decorated the tree in her pants or uses her ponies to help him ski!!

Last night Tinker pants Floppy feet landed, left a note for Holly AND left some elf snow with foot prints in it. Stay tuned for the rest of December!

An I am SO using the 'You better be good because the elf is watching you' OR 'Eat that food, The elf is watching you'

What do you do at this time of the year with your kids?


Wednesday, 30 November 2016

To Refer Or Not To Refer

Well hello :)

Today we we given Holly's application form for her to start school!

But because Holly's birthday is in February (27th so right at the end), they are suggesting we hold her back or refer her a year. So instead of starting school at 4 years old August 2017. She wouldn't start till she was 5 years old 2018.

This is all because Holly is quite shy and she doesn't like big groups of kids. she prefers playing with one or two kid at a time to playing a big groups. Now I personally don't see anything wrong with that. However the school want to keep her back for her to gain confidence with groups of kids.

Last year when Holly was in Anti Pre School. She was friends with a little girl called Sophie. When My OH dropped Holly off, Sophie would be waiting on her at the door. When I picked Holly up, Sophie would bring Holly over to me. They we very friendly. But Sophie was the year above Holly. So after the summer holidays when Holly went back, Sophie wasn't there. She had moved onto P1.

So when everyone went back, Holly was back to square one with no one she really wanted to play with. So she attached herself to Sophie's little brother Daniel. he doest wait on her all the time like his big sister. But I do know they play together a lot and he will shout bye to her or wait for her if he sees her coming into class behind him. If I hold her back a year, after the summer holidays, she will be back to square one with non in her class she know. This in my opinion wont help her confidence with groups of kids.

Learning wise, she is up to scratch. Can can count to 10 now and she has started her ABC's. She loves singing Once I Caught A Fish Alive. But because she doesn't like groups of kids, they want to hold her back a year.

I however don't want to hold her back. Surly if her work is up to scratch then why would we hold her back? OK she doesn't like groups of kids, lots of kids talk to her but she only really wants to play with Daniel, she likes to play on her own, So what? It doesn't seem to bother her. She prefers to play on her own. She always has, even at our childminders. She would play with the other kids for a while, but she preferred her own company. I still do not see this as a reason to hold her back.

Then I have the problem of, she isn't in her catchment nursery. When we applied for nurseries, we had our catchment school nursery as our first choice. But they gave us our second choice outwith our catchment. Its easier for them to get into schools in their catchment. That's why we applied for it. So she was already in that nursery going up into school with her friends. But since she is out with her catchment, its harder to get her into the school that her current nursery is in.

If they don't let her into this school she will need to start a brand new school, with new students and teachers that she has never seen or met before. She will freak out. So because of this I think maybe I should hold her back a year in case this happens, But I don't want her to go back to nursery with her current friends moving on and shes not.

But what if she had been born on her original due date instead of early which was 2nd of march. She wouldn't have had a choice to stay back and she would have had to cope with going into P1 regardless of her confidence in big groups.

I have put on her application form that her current nursery is the only choice we have as you can put in another 2 in case she doesn't get her first. But she needs to get her first. IT was the council that put her into that nursery school in the first place! why shouldn't she now be allowed to move up with her friends and teachers!

I can see us having a fight on our hands with this one.

Have any of you had these problems? Leave me a comment and let me know. Any and all advice is appreciated!!


P.s Sorry this is long and blah blah. Its just everything spilled out of my head and onto a computer lol
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Monday, 28 November 2016

A Life Update 28.11.16

Well Hello!

It feels like it has been ages since I last blogged or done anything to do with blogging!

What has happened lets see!

I will be 28 on the 2nd of December. Hopefully will get the books and salt lamp I have been hinting at my OH to get me! Very slim chance if I'm going to be honest ha ha.

We have our new addition baby Charlotte-Willow. She is now nearly 3 months old! Geeze! she will be in a crib soon and we will be starting to wean. Scary. She is already sleeping mostly through the whole night. Last feed at 7pm, she was getting at at 5am. But over the last week she has been sleeping till 6 or 7am. Which I am not complain about! Some people say 'OMG THAT'S TOO LONG, WAKE HER UP FOR A FEED' and I say 'I am not waking a sleeping baby'
Lets face it if she was that hungry she would wake up herself. She is very good at going to sleep as well. Most of the time I can just lay her in the bed and she will nod off on her own. sometimes if its still light or she is overly tired (she does like to fight her sleep), I will stick one of my fingers in her mouth and she will suck on that for a few mins and fall over. She wont take dummies. I don't know if its something to do with being breastfed (which has now stopped! stupid body!) but she just spits them out. She much prefers your fingers.

Holly is just such a character now as well. Told me last night I had no patience! your 3 how do you even know what that means! Told me the other day she was a little nervous. Again your 3! She is a lot better at eating now too. For a while I thought she was going to turn into a HUGE super noodle. But we eat sausage rolls, pizza and chicken nuggets now too.

I know I said that she would be my last pregnancy. But I just don't feel done. But I will be done unless I become a millionaire over night, one of us gets a massive pay rise or someone dies ha ha.
Unless we can extend this house (which I would actually quite like to do) or buy a bigger house I cant fit anyone else in.

So I am currently on maternity leave. Planning on going back for 2 days a week in January. Then full time in February again. I was hoping my OH was going to get an amazingly paid job so I didn't need to go back. But that doesn't look like its going to happen ha ha.

I was thinking thought (and I'm sure I have mentioned before) I would quite like to go to uni and study to be a midwife on the wards. But again, My OH would need to make enough money for me to leave full time work and that just doesn't look like its going to happen in the next 2 months!

I have stared trying to make exciting videos on my youtube channel. Just when we go out places. I am trying to work up the nerve to actually talk to the camera. But that's not happened yet. Its because I'm Scottish!! I HATE the sound of my voice on camera!!

I think that is it just now!!

Speak soon

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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Youtube - The Week In The Life Of Two

Well hello!!

I made another small youtube video of our week 24.10.16 - 29.10.16.


Please feel free to check it out!! Leave us a comment. Im still not really sure how to access them and comment back. But I'm working on it haha.

Speak soon

Happy Halloween!! 2016


This year Holly had a Halloween party at her nursery!

She got to choose her outfit and eventually (Holly hates choices), picked a pumpkin dress from Asda (even though I liked the gold and black bat!).

It was also Charlottes first Halloween. So we had to get her a My First Halloween outfit to wear then keep in her first box. Which is actually a bag just now until I get a nice box.

We didn't take Holly Trick or Treating this year, as Charlotte is still getting over her cold and my OH was working. She wasn't amused let's say when she realized people came to the door for sweets.
Holly wouldn't chap people's doors anyway, I would have had to do it! So next year is a promise. I will take her out!!

Here are some photos of the two of them!!


Speak Soon